So glad we took today as leave - lovely not to have to go straight back to work!  Woke up too early though, to the sounds of our neighbours getting up for work, but then dozed on and off for quite a while.  Walked down to Sainsbury's with Tim once we were up and about, and stocked up on fruit and veg.  I then cooked up a big stir fry - for today's lunch and for a few future lunches too.

Really tired after that, but eventually turfed myself out onto my bike for a ride over to the park.  It was so lovely and springlike out there, and did wake me up a little bit.  Had to stop and get some photos of the sunny daffodils of course.

Bit of photo editing/uploading and some PS4 playing for the rest of the afternoon, and then the evening went far too quickly for my liking.  Don't want the holiday to be over!

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