Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

I think I could fancy one.

The down side?
"From" about £400, with no idea of "m.p.kW"
I'm busy changing suppliers. 
Broadband was missing for 1/2 hour or so, but telephone was out of commission from early a.m. until 19:45(ish) said the recorded wench. 
I didn't bother to verify, I rarely use it anyway.
The usual, inevitable - HOWEVER:-
I had to make a clinic appointment. No bother, it's another excuse to get over the doorstep.
Got down to the Doc,'s and saw this gem parked in what I suppose could be termed their Foyer. 
Not only running on Electrickery, but all- terrain.
As a song once sang - "Who could ask for anything more?"

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