Today was my son's 23rd birthday, so as I like to do, I celebrate by going down to the lake and photographing the sunrise to share with him (I do the same for all loved ones and for myself).  The sunrise was lovely but the unexpected happened when I was sharing the beach with another woman who was laid out a blanket and began setting out other objects.  Long story short, she was an Indigenous woman who was preparing for ceremony and was waiting for five other women who were all participants. There ceremony was to honour the memory of Water Walker who passed away in February.  Josephine Mandamin was an environmental activist and First Nations woman who circumnavigated the Great Lakes, walking some 17, 000 km to raise awareness to water issues.  She did her first Mother Earth Water Walk in 2003 (when she was 61).

"She's left us to continue that important work and to move forward with her vision of protecting and maintaining, what we say in our language is nîpîy...water...to ensure a better future for our next generations."

Truly an inspiration.

On most any other day, my extra would have been the main blip. Those who 'know' me will know why  ; ))

D x

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