Life in Canada

By MissMacPic

Mr. Homemaker

This morning was a morning of pleasant surprises.  First, the forecast was for rain and when I first woke, it was very cloudy.....but the clouds blew away and the sun came out!  Secondly, it got sunny before my meeting so I quickly grabbed my camera and went for an hour long neighbourhood walk. Thirdly, I spotted this father-to-be (hopefully!) making a nest....while the Mrs gave me stink eye and him directions (I can only assume...).  See extra for her giving me stink eye as she oversaw the operations.  I was able to watch for about 20 mins before I had to leave to get home in time for the meeting.  Amazing....and now I know where a nest is....yay!!!  Finally, the meeting was a success and I was quite pleased with how it all worked  :))

I guess I could add one more surprise...Mr Sharp-Shinned is in focus  ;)  I had to track him through the trees till he came to an opening so I am quite pleased!

On a somber 80 year old father is trying to now leave the house because he saw some good sales in the flyers. Oh dear...I hope he will listen to reason and stay put. Had a video chat last night and he was agreeing with us that no chance was worth it, but today Mum told me that he keeps wanting to go out today.  Frustrating....and worrying. comes the rain.  Hope you are having a good one!  Do take care.

D x

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