A day in the life

By Shelling

Home sweet home

A few years ago the Linné botanic institution at of Kalmar/Växjö university made a research about the social lives of bumblebees. I haven't found any of its results but I love seeing these little bumblebee homes around the forest where I walk. There are about 140 of them, this is number 28. I like the idea of one of them living in Nr28 Skogsby forest. 

The project is now finished but they are still being used. Some of them are falling to bits but some are still inhabited. The sign asks us not to disturb the bumblebees. 

I must say they are not being social towards me, that I've noticed, but they do a fabulous job pollinating and I guess they don't have much time left to be social to other than their own species.

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