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Vinca Major

The Premier Kitchen fitter came this morning to replace the faulty kitchen taps. They also cleaned the draining board; it cannot be replaced as the company where Premier Kitchens gets its draining board has, as the fitter said, “gone bust”. Not surprising if this is the standard of their draining boards. At first glance the draining board looks better, but when taking a photograph the marks are still there. Apparently Premier Kitchens and Bedrooms cannot replace the draining board as no other company makes their draining boards the same size as this one! I have not finished with Premier Kitchens yet as I still have reviews and a blog post to write.
I went out to lunch to meet my friend who I worked with for twenty years. We had a lot of catching up to do, as we had not seen each other since last September, due to one or other of us not being able to meet.
Today’s picture is of a Vinca Major flower, sometimes called Periwinkle. This one is growing just inside out front gates although there are plenty more in various places in the garden.

The temperature at noon today was eleven degrees Celsius.

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