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Rabbits and Ducks

The Ocado lorry duly arrived and I asked the driver to leave the bags on the doorstep. I then closed the door, feeling very mean, but we have to protect ourselves as well as him. There were quite a few substitutes, which I accepted, but there was no bread for my husband. Fortunately the squirrel in me always has a loaf or two in the freezer so we will last until next week. My gluten free bread arrived, which was good.
Ocado are giving priority to their “valued” customers who had an “anytime” pass before 2020; I have been using Ocado for seven years. It seems I get a link, which allows me to bypass the main queue and order one lorry a week. I had an email from Sainsbury’s as I have used them in the past. They and other supermarkets are using the government’s list of elderly and vulnerable to allow them to get a slot. Does this, I wonder, comply with GDPR? 
Today’s picture is of some rabbits and ducks, which appeared to be quite happy eating their breakfast together.
The temperature today at GMT was eleven degrees Celsius; we are still getting early morning frosts, but then lots of warm sunshine.

Update: The link to for a priority slot for Ocado duly arrived during the evening and I clicked on it. After a ten minutes wait in a queue it informed me that I could only book three days in advance and there were “no slots”. I have emailed them, as clearly their site is not working. I tried the Sainsbury’s special link and that was the same. I do have a slot at Waitrose for next week so some groceries should arrive. Strangely I could only order three loose bananas, but I could order a pack of seven!

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