Grebe on Worsbrough Reservoir

This one came close enough for me not to have to crop it.  (600mm equivalent on a full frame camera).  After this they kept their distance and I didn’t see a courtship display today, though one bird was certainly being very aggressive and chasing another away.  I counted six birds today.  Two on my side of the lake and four working the far side.  I chose to stay in the same place today and they did come back towards me, but not quite as close as this.

Other than the grebes there were a lot of black-headed gulls (with and without blackheads), quite a few Mallard and Canada Geese and one Coot.  While I was walking towards this spot I stopped to watch a Heron slowly making its way towards the top end of the water.

Drama at Tai Chi this morning because one of our frailer members fell as she turned around and banged her head rather heavily.  We has a visit from two wonderful ambulance women who checked her out and were going to give her a lift to a friends house when they left us just in case there was any sign of delayed concussion.  And it was lovely to catch up with Jan who I haven’t seen for a while.  She was in our part of the world on her way back from a dog trimming session with Beeby.

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