Tarn Moor

I opened my post this morning and discovered a David Austin Roses catalogue with Mother’s Day gift voucher from Gilly thank you!!
After a morning of weeding, Pepper thought we should get out for a bit of proper exercise. We hadn’t been to Tarn Moor recently, it’s a lovely wild area just past the M6. There were buzzards overhead and the sun managed to peek out, very pleasant.
Back home just in time to pop in to Faye, for a cup of tea. She showed me her photos of Jordan, where she has just been. It looks amazing! But she didn’t know how to upload the photos to her iPad and had holiday photos going back three years on there. I spent quite a while trying to sort it out. Not as easy as it should be, and it doesn’t seem possible to do a batch upload for some reason.
Technology doesn’t always make things easier does it!!

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