There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

A Tree Has Fallen in the Churchyard

In the past two to three weeks, there has been a great change. Not only is it light later into the evening since we changed the clocks and the days grow longer, but the ice and snow have been melting everywhere.

There are places I love to stop for pictures that I just can't access easily in winter time. But now the way is clear, and those places are available again. Hooray! Access . . . granted.

So on this morning, I made a few quick stops to check things out. This was the scene at the little cemetery at Ross Church, on a backroad near where I live. As you can see, there is a bit of winter damage.

The big, craggy-looking tree that used to stand in the middle of the churchyard has split, and fallen. The morning birds loved that perch, and I feel badly for them now. They'll have to find another spot to sit and sing.

The tree fell directly on top of at least a half-dozen grave stones, but none of them appeared to be damaged. The incident posed no danger to the occupants, as they were all dead already (except for me, at least as far as we know). The tree's clearly a goner, but the stones themselves, strangely, were untouched.

The soundtrack song: R.E.M, with Fall On Me.

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