Andrew's Random Photos

By andrewhiggins


Its been so long since I last blipped, and I always feel guilty about it.
For nearly 4 years, it was my daily challenge and habit, then I drifted away.
Ironic that I return to Blipfoto with a photo of a seemingly abandoned boat at Lydney harbour (itself a bit forgotten), looking wonderful in setting Sun light, surely a metaphor for my blip pages?!
So hello there to any of my followers for whom I've suddenly appeared again, and note to self, to do more Blipfoto, and not just post to that Insta thingy.
Very much looking forward to the lighter evenings that we'll be treated to in the UK after the weekend!
I wonder if the original date for UK Brexitshambles was timed for 'happier' evenings to distract us all...good days to hide bad news?

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