By AmandaT2013


Back to the hospital again today to see the consultant, and these tulips were on the outside seating area.  It was a cool start but a lovely warm and sunny day. 

I have included extras, Birdcage Walk and one of the squirrels came right up and begged for food!

The consultant said all the toing and froing with radiology was disappointing, and he did say yes it could be an early sign of arthritis but a hip replacement isn't needed yet!  That's exactly the same phrase as the radiologist on Tuesday and I don't like the word yet!  He said definite snapping hip, try some physio and come back and see him if that doesn't help.  

Mr T did very well again today, and Dad was very sweet to phone and offer to pick us up.  

All was going well until we had an unpleasant encounter at the bus stop.  It was very busy but Mr T was able to sit, and after a while I was too, which was good as my hip had not enjoyed being manipulated.  Then a lady came along and wanted me to move up which I couldn't do as there were arm rests between the seats.  She then said she needed to sit down and proceeded to try and squeeze in where there was no where near enough space for her and tried to sit on me!  The lady next to me pointed out the empty seat next to her might be better.  She moved but then sat glaring at me.  Clearly she made a judgment that she needed the seat more than me, and to put it diplomatically as a lady of a minority I am sure she would have been outraged to have been judged in the same way.  It seems to me that some people are too lacking in tolerance these days.

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