We Mr. HCB decided it would be a good idea to start planting up our long border this morning as some of the plants were sprouting well and he didn’t want to leave them for too much longer.

As it was a beautiful day, with lots of sunshine and hardly any wind, I had to agree it was a sensible idea - but after spending four hours out there, with just a short break for coffee, I’m not so sure - and my knees are definitely not happy!

Whilst we had coffee sitting in our “blue corner” I spotted some little celandines next to the fence, so went back indoors to get my Lumix camera - when I got back, there was a tiny ladybird on one of them, but it was quite difficult to get in a good position to take a photograph - not being able to kneel is a pain sometimes, in more ways than one!

I have put in as an extra, a collage showing the long border in our garden before we started, and on which Mr. HCB has worked very hard during the autumn and winter then a shot of it once we had planted many of the plants that have over-wintered in our “holding beds”.  It is certainly beginning to look good.

So for Flower Friday, here is a beautiful little celandine, probably classed as a weed by many, but it looks good against the blue fence so will be staying there photobombed by the ladybird.  It is slightly out of focus, but as I have to make buttonholes for the wedding we are attending tomorrow and we are out for a meal to friends this evening, I don’t have time to faff around, so please humour me and just imagine that the focus is perfect!

“You cannot depend on your eyes 
     if your imagination is 
          out of focus” 
Mark Twain 

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