By NellieD

An irregular choice

I was supposed to meet a friend for lunch today but a phone interview (from yesterday's discussion) was offered so I had to cancel and research the job and company instead. On such a sunny day, I know what I would have preferred! Trying to constantly sell yourself and make people see your worth is getting a bit draining - I'm sick of talking about myself!

I'm out for a friend's birthday tomorrow and those in Manchester will know all about the cake selection at Slattery's! I'd better dig out something with an elasticated waist.

With all the job hunting, I completely forgot it was tomorrow until another friend reminded me at my crochet group last night. I would have been embarrassed if I'd have missed it. I drove to town and put a pound in the meter so it would give me enough time to run to her favourite shoe shop which has just opened in Manchester. Irregular Choice has the wackiest range of shoes imaginable (which I couldn't pull off) but they were so bright and colourful that you can't help but smile! The voucher might just cover the cost of a buckle on one shoe!

Came back to stare at the internet for 3 hours before my interview (which went well I think) before I have to drive to the airport to pick up the husband from his Portugal golf trip.

I did, however, receive an unexpected parcel containing the most beautiful pair of gloves from the very kind and very talented Mrs Honeycombebeach! Perfect tension and such neat stitches which I know will have been knitted straight from her heart. I will cherish them, thank you x

Quote for today:
Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.
- Marilyn Monroe

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