Colour comes to the Smith museum

Well, the waiting is over.  Caroline Mathers, the new director of the Smith Museum, in Stirling today unveiled the rebranded Gallery Two.
It is, quite frankly, sensational. Who would have thought that this small town in the middle of Scotland had such treasures tucked away in its storage?
Thomas Stuart Smith (1815-1869) donated his work and his collection of art to the town and this is the first time we have ever been able to see a glimpse of it together.
As well as Smiths own work,  he was an accomplished Colourists whom few had ever heard of, he collected the work of other artists too.
Director, Caroline is pictured with a McTaggart, Redpath and Crozier. Extra photo shows an interior of the gallery.
There are over 600 such pieces in storage and we can look forward to seeing more of this amazing collection in the future.

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