By Bom

A Balmy Day

Version 1

It was a beautiful balmy day today with clear blue skies and a temperature that reached 18C. I went for a walk in Sheringham Park this afternoon and the blossom looked gorgeous against the deep blue sky. 

Version 2

It was yet another balmy day in Parliament. Today should have been the day the UK left the EU after the referendum nearly 3 years ago, instead MPs rejected the withdrawal agreement for the third time. Both Labour and the Conservatives said in the General Election that they would honour the result of the referendum (one assumed that meant both leaving the EU and the sentiment of regaining control behind it). Instead MPs have blocked the deal negotiated with the EU and rejected all other options proposed in a series of indicative votes. MPs say they are not being listened to, but this comes across as they are not listening either. Whichever way people voted in the referendum, most would say that a vote should be upheld for the sake of democracy itself. The PM has undoubtedly made mistakes, but has worked in good faith on a very difficult task and has put everything into delivering on the vote and I do not think she deserves the very personal disrespect shown to her by Donald Tusk and a number of MPs. I cannot see any way forward other than a General Election - but this would only resolve things if all candidates agree to abide by their party's detailed manifesto proposal on Brexit. What an omnishambles!

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