At the Museum

A lovely day in London - weather was good and I had time to wander.  I started with the Martin Parr exhibition in the Portrait Gallery.  He is an interesting photographer who set out to record British behaviour.  These are not competition winning images but really do encapsulate Britishness.  Later on at the British Museum I was observing the behaviour of people and the whirl of life - everyone is always in such a rush!  This group of Brits were taking things easy - intent on their mobile phones and oblivious to their surroundings.  In fact, a great many people today were staring at their phones - perhaps this obsession is all going a bit too far. What do we all do that necessitates instant communication with another?

An extra of one of Martin Parr's images outside the Portrait Gallery exhibition - I did have to wait for the right moment to capture this moment..  I use my phone as much as most people but I am beginning to wonder why these are controlling us more than us controlling them! Does communication need to be immediate?

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