By loisbiz

Western Grebe Flying

I have never seen a Western Grebe flying up close before....with a wing touching the water....off he flew. See the extra for one of these birds in the water. I love the red eye.

Our one granddaughter and her friends went to stay at her other grandmother's beach house.....about 2 miles away....but right on the beach. I don't blame her for moving over there....it is a beautiful place.

Our daughter and two of her children arrived today...They are the sweetest family.....they just returned from watching the second son playing La Crosse in California.....leaving LA at 8AM .....arriving home about noon........then driving over here from Lake Oswego (2 hr drive).....it was a long day for them, but they wanted to go out on the boat as soon as they arrived at Tillamook Bay. We had dropped the crab traps in the bay this afternoon and then they meet us at the pier to pull the traps at about 6:30 PM....we got 16 more nice crab and then we stayed on the water to watch the sunset. It was beautiful. They finished the crab we cooked last night as we waited for the other crab to cook. They are crab lovers......good at cracking and so excited to have fresh crab for dinner. It is so fun being around someone so appreciative of a great crab fest. Later our granddaughter wanted S'Mores......she roasted those marshmallows to perfection and assembled the Graham Crackers/Hersey Chocolate/ Golden Marshmallows and served each of us one. We sat around the fire and enjoyed conversation until everyone went to be a few minutes ago.......I suppose I should go to bed now too. 

Thanks for all the hearts and stars for the Bald Eagle yesterday. We had another one arrive tonight and he swooped in for the old crab bait again; everyone was so excited to see the bold and powerful Eagle!! 

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