The accidental finding

By woodpeckers

Sounds good

For decades the home of Imprint, the much-loved antiquarian bookshop, this shop now has a new tenant. Sound records has literally moved up in the world, up from the lesser-frequented Gloucester Street to the top of the High Street. Vinyl is back, and so are the browsers I recall from my youth.

Of course there's now a vacant shop in Gloucester Street, and another two in the High street because Made in Venezuela is, strangely, moving downhill to a former pub, the Greyhound, on the corner of Gloucester Street and Lansdown. And my former hairdressers/clothes shop Eclipse/E1 has gone, as reported on Wednesday In Kendrick Street, the former art shop premises lies vacant. All change...

The bulging wall to the left of the record shop belongs to Stroud's Mediaeval Town Hall, which has been, since I can recall, a shop selling fairly traded clothing, with the CAB above; an upmarket dolls house shop; a nail bar, and is now home to Harriet's organic hairdressing, whose funky retro interior I have blipped before. I booked an appointment there (online, because the actual salon was closed) because I can't track down Lucie, my former hairdresser. It's going to cost me 35 pounds for 45 minutes. Ouch. I will.have to work several hours to earn that much.

The market was busy in the morning, as the weather was fine. I didn't mind being indoors most of the day, because there's warmth and daylight in the church hall.

Back at home, Bomble is enjoying the sunlight and vigorously defending his territory by having loud miaow-offs with other cats. His arch-enemy is dead, but in his new outdoor mode, he feels he has to take on all comers. He must be about sixteen now, with arthritis in his back legs, so he's a tad frail for such a vigorous display of vigilance.

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