Keith B

By keibr

Not quite swimming weather yet... least as far as I'm concerned!
The sweep came by today to check out our new wood-burner stove, and the chimney.  We nearly got it all passed but then he found the chimney had been covered by chipboard, then wallpapered in our bedroom and that's considered unsafe these days.  So we have to remove one relatively small section of chipboard to expose the chimney, and then send him a photo if it all looks OK.  Then we can light our wood-burner.
Later in the day I had a cranial-osteopathy treatment from a friend who works in that field.  Afterwards I felt much better, more stretched out and balanced. Since banging my head in Italy I've been off alcohol and coffee, but after her treatment I celebrated after dinner with a small glass of whisky! Still didn't find any enthusiasm for coffee though...

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