By AnneILM60

A long exhausting day

Was out the door at 7am with Kent as we had much to get accomplished today.

We were fortunate this morning to see a heron and see a huge group of egrets nesting. Cormorants also posed for us.

The sunrise was pretty as was the sky with all the vapor trails and the moon still in it. :)

Before we came home, I bought some plants to attract butterflies and Kent bought some that are good for growing in the shade Once home I was planting things in the various gardens after getting the groceries put away.

Kent got a new iPad the other day and he had it up and running last night so tonight my task was to get his “old” iPad (less than a year old) and transfer all my iPad things to it so it would be my “new” iPad. Mission accomplished.

It is 10pm and a lot has been done today. Hopefully I will be able to move in the morning! Have got to slow down for a couple of days before I crash! But I had fun today and although tired, stiff & sore, would do it again!

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