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A ruff ................

 .................. night in New Orleans - yep, that's Where BikerBear is Now  (WBBN?) ............. until tomorrow anyway!!

Day 12/17 ..............

A fabulous day walking the streets of New Orleans with pipersmom (Elaine) - I had so many street photos to choose from that you have three collages in the extras (including another one of the pooch in the main photo!

The guy who owns the dog gently laid him on his back, tucked in the blankets around him, popped the sunglasses on and the drinks bottle under his arm paw, kissed him right on the nose, gave him a treat and stood back.  The dollars flowed into his tip jar (mine was the first) - every few minutes he would go and give the dog a treat - and that lovely pooch just laid there as happy as happy.  I couldn't resist it as my main blip today - AND I've just realised, as I type this, that it's Silly Saturday hosted by admirer!   Perfect.

Oh and the first rain shower of my trip today.

Saying goodbye, in the morning, to the remaining blipbuddies who are still here and am hitting the road again.   Another place for you to guess tomorrow.  

For those who are interested in WBBN.............:
19th - Flying over Maine
20th - Montgomery Alabama
21st - Bay St Louis Mississippi
22nd - New Orleans Louisiana
23rd - New Orleans
24th - New Orleans
25th - Gulfport Mississippi
26th - Gulfport
27th - New Orleans skyline from over Pontchartrain
28th - New Orleans Zoo
29th - Grand Isle Louisiana
30th - New Orleans ...............

A great trip so far - more tomorrow.

~ Anni ~

I apologise for the rather uncensored view!!!!!

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