Knife crime

Knife crime and the reintroduction of ‘Stop & Search’ featured on the 08:00 news (I bravely left the alarm set at 07:45 despite the clocks going forward).

If only today’s disenchanted youth turned to art to release their energies. My image is of students setting upThursday’s AUB* (*Arts Uni Bournemouth) art show at Tonic Social. My favourite work was the abstract roundel above. (Oh and the Real Men Wear Pink I incorporated in yesterday’s blip).

Thinking about what to do today. Meanwhile sitting with a variety of clocks on my lap, changing the time.

Looking nice out. Maybe we’ll have a stroll on the beach.

Update: We walked and walked from 12-5 along the beach to Alum Chine (coffee stop at Vesuvio) where we chatted to a Parti Poodle puppy, and the owners remembered we had spoken before. Coincidentally they know old tennis friends of ours who are now settled in Ireland. Then walked up to and around Westbourne.

Then a short hop bus to the Triangle for an Aspall Stop at 60 Million Post Cards. Now home and feet up :)

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