twinned with trumpton


For the second Saturday in succession, I found myself at a football match in the company of Pensioner. Hertz v the Dandy Dons (did Musselburghlass attend, I wonder?)

There I wiz, on a train - somewhere about Carfin; heading for Glasgae Central with Her on the 0859 from Embra Waverley when the phone went ping. Bike Shop Neill was unable to attend the football and his season ticket was going spare. Oh yes please I said! Must pick up by 12. 

Hmmm a tall order; so enter the Knight In Shining Armour that is Pensioner who kindly agreed to collect the ticket and meet me at Tynie later on.

So onwards to Glasgow; She is charged with taking a bunch of 13/14 year old lassies to see Shawn Mendes next Saturday and wanted to scout out the terrain/ work out the logisitics of geting them there and back. We've arranged to meet at 0815 and eventually She arrived with two minutes to spare for the next train. Not feeling her best; the remains of a migraine...

Anyhoo, we got to Glasgow; then to the Exhibition Centre; did the necessary nosing about; then back into town as the grey mist of North Lanarkshire we'd travelled through gave way to a really nice bright lunchtime.
Soup, Victoria's Secret, a few photos and the Big Issue with ColdWarSteve's cover all negotiated we then headed back to Embra.

Grabbed the drill from the bro's flat; dropped that at Hers and whilst she lay down to recuperate I went to RV with Pensioner. He was showing me his new glasses; after losing the last ones at an Edinburgh City game. (Citation required)

He couldn't beleive his eyes I suspect as the Hearts came from a goal down at half time to lead 2-1 v an out of sorts Aberdeen side that Graham Shinnie had marshalled brilliantly for 45 minutes but after the break just faded... Oh and some quite frankly suicidal defending too.

Off I sped at full time back to hers; to meet the folks who arrived to collect the drill, and then we went out to forage for dinner; back in; cooked and the youngsters' various Saturday night shenanigans kicked in....

I had cold hands on an almost frosty cycle home on the last day before British Summer Time kicks off. Now for blipping the backlog...

Extras are the man who replaces the divots at half time at Tynecastle and the divot Pensioner who kindly brought me the season tickt with which to enjoy the 3rd home win I've seen at Tynecastle this season. Lucky omen; that's me

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