By OldTimer

Praying Mantis

Well what a huge day I have had. My son rang yesterday to say he was coming up with a load of wood and to help me do some tasks. I was out of bed very early to get scones made and the veges for lunch prepared as I knew once he was here there would be no stopping.
My garage now has a beautiful supply of old man pine ready for the winter, the hedges cut, many trees cut back, spoutings cleaned and much more. The good part he put all the rubbish on his truck and took it away to put in his dump at the farm. He lives two hours south of here so I really valued what he has done.
The blip of the mantis was due to him as he found it but I was lucky to be given time to grab my camera and take a quick snap. He found two lizards this morning but there was no stopping to corner them and get a pic. He was a man on a mission and we had to get the job done so as he could head back down the road. I am so happy with what we achieved

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