After our busy day yesterday and an hour less in bed, we were up reasonably early and during a good service at Church, when Stephen spoke about another one of the senses, “Taste” - we enjoyed tasting grapefruit (bitter), extra mature Cheddar (salty) and tiny chocolate eggs (sweet).  It was great to see our friend, Gill, at Church this morning, after her 3rd round of chemotherapy last Monday and she said that because of the metallic taste she has in her mouth, it was good to be able to taste the cheese and she really enjoyed that.

After the service, we went out to the Walled Garden Nursery at Brinkworth, to look for some extra plants, but Anne, the lady who owns it with her son, Fraser, told us that as the weather had turned cold again, they didn’t have that many plants, as they still need to be nurtured and she thinks another two to three weeks is needed before they are ready to be planted out.  It is so refreshing to hear this, because if you go to any garden centre, many plants are blooming and people will be buying them to plant out before the ground is ready.

The Walled Garden is situated on a small business park on the outskirts of Brinkworth, with a large house further along the drive and large pond just as you turn into the nursery.  The wooden jetty is definitely derelict, and there is also a derelict water pump, but as we walked around the pond, this caught my eye and Mr. HCB said he thought it was probably a home-made sluice gate to control the flow of water into the pond.  It was obvious that it hadn’t been used for sometime, so after some faffing around with Painteresque, one of my iPhone apps, this is my contribution today for Derelict Sunday.

We are now back home and Mr. HCB is happily watching his team, Tottenham Hotspurs, playing Liverpool, our younger son’s team, so no doubt there will be some messaging between here and Vietnam.  Mr. HCB thinks his team will win and Jules is confident that Liverpool will win  4-0.  Thankfully, the Oticon box is working well and I can listen to Classic FM without hearing the football commentary.

"The best teamwork 
     comes from men who are working 
          independently toward 
               one goal in unison." 
James Cash Penney
(Of course, Mr. HCB hopes it will be four goals - but time will tell!)

P.S.  Thank you so much for all your kind comments, stars and heart for my Blip of the wedding yesterday.  After having a family breakfast, the newlyweds are now on their way to Exmoor for their honeymoon. 

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