It was only yesterday, 
     yet it seems a lifetime ago
          that our beloved friend
               was so cruelly crucified
                    and I shudder to think
                         of the pain and anguish
he went through - 
     not only on the cross
          but also as he was beaten, 
               scourged, spit upon and 
                    abused by those
                         who didn’t know him 
                              as we did.
Although we watched
     from a distance,
          in the all-pervading darkness
               we felt the anguish
                    as we heard his last words
just as if we were standing 
     at the foot of the cross and 
          our hearts were broken 
               when he died 
                    because we were
                         so close 
                              to him
                                   in spirit. 
Together we have prepared 
     the burial spices and
          perfumes to anoint 
               his broken body -
                    which will be 
                         the last act
                              we do for him.
But today -
     on the Sabbath
          we will rest.....
               and watch.....
                    and wait.....
                         and hope.....
                              and pray. 

© Maureen Iles

I Will Wait For Your Peace To Come To Me

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