By Veronica

Look at me

We had a very, very late night last night ... dinner at S and T's, getting home at 1:30 am, but of course the time warp mean t it was effectively 2:30. I was the designated driver, so I didn't overindulge by any means, but I still felt a bit rough this morning.

I was glad I made the effort to go to Limoux with some members of a local photography group though -- an outing organised by blipper SarahatSpotty, so it could count as a blipmeet too. 

I haven't been to the carnival since 2013 (thanks blip for enabling me to look it up easily!). You can read some background in my previous blip. It was a nice sunny day today, just as well as there was a lot of hanging around waiting for the fecos to appear. Today all of the bands come out on parade in groups of three, but they started late, there was a 45-minute wait between the first two sets, and by the time the second group of three had passed we were all ready to head home. 

I took lots of tourist brochure type photos, and this one was going to be my blip, but then S stuck his oar in and I bowed to his opinion that this was more unusual, plus I am a sucker for reflections in brass instruments. Go large to see the masked man. The small Flickr set is here.

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