By HeidiHH

01042019 - Badlands of Abanilla, Murcia

So today we experienced a real MONDAY.

At 8 am the construction crew came next door and started a demolition job. We had to grab some stuff, whatever came to mind and escape the noise with the dogs. As O-P came with the car and we started to carry the dogs into car (grounds were still wet from yesterday's rains), he noticed one of the tires was flat. So he needed to change that first.

Then we went to bank. Dogs stayed in the car. Quite a queue and soon they told us that the lines aren't connecting. That they can't help anyone. So we left. Went to buy envelopes and then off to the post office to make carta certificada for our insurance company. At least that worked out.

Then (without breakfast) we drove to Abanilla Murcia to see the local badlands. It's quite the desert. We would have hiked along Río Chícamo, but due to the heavy rains there was so muddy that we stayed on the asphalted roadsides.

We walked around at least 7km. It was mostly cloudy but only rained on the mountains. Towards our way back to car the sun started to shine.

On our way back home we went to Nature Park El Fondo to look at some flamingos.

We got back around 4 pm to a lot of noise and dust from next door. We were quite starving and in desperate need of coffee. At this time of year there aren't many coffee shops open and with the dogs we'd need to stay on terraces and it just wasn't that kind of a day. The area we stayed today did not have any stores. At least we didn't see any. I have no idea where these people shop for groceries.

Well, now we've seen Abanilla. Now we have to have an escape plan for tomorrow. Hopefully it will be nicer weather to stay out. It had rained in our village while we were away, so at least we were on right area weather wise.

BTW, I've also been to the Badlands of South Dakota. This looked quite the same just not as massive.

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