By HeidiHH

02042019 - It's just climbing

On top of the world!

Well, on top of the sierra de Algaiat in Algueña on the peak Peña Gorda at 1085 meters above sea level at least!

We were supposed to head out to Biar, but I saw this morning that it was going to rain on the northern part of Alicante province. So I saw that Algueña next to Murcia region was looking rainfree all day long, so I quickly Googled if there was anything we could try and I found this route.

It was quite steep. (Remember Joey and Chandler saying in Friends that "It's just climbing"? That I said quite many times for myself.) We got up 500 meters in 3,5 kilometers. My legs were cooked spaghetti after this.

But what a hike it was. We started to climb from a gorge which was so green and lush and wet from dew or yesterday's rains. After the trees stopped growing all the views just opened up in front of us.

We could see that it was raining in north and there were some murky clouds sailing by us, but we got home dry. Well, only soaked from sweat.

What a fabulous hike! I uploaded some pictures to Insta also!

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