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A New Tree

It was dark when I got up this morning (5:30 a.m.) - a bit of a shock really! Went out with Finlay around 8 and the sun was just beginning to light up the woods. The photo is of the top of a sapling - planted last year to replace the ones that were felled to make way for a new power line.  This is the sum total of this year’s leafage (!) a little pompom on a long whippy stem! Only about half of the newly planted trees appear to be growing - so this is a lucky one (well at least it may be as it appears to have some tiny red mites on the leaf stems, hope they don’t do too much damage).

I spent all day at the studio again - packing more fabric and then we also began to parcel up the orders - almost 150 completed - and more to go tomorrow. The village post office will be swamped in the morning!

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