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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Carl Perkins - Put your cat clothes on (recorded 4 December 1956)
Some class rockabilly, with Jerry Lee playing space age piano. Carl Perkins began recording this song in June 1956 (without Jerry) and made a number of attempts to get it right through to 1957, but was never satisfied and didn't release the song. It came out on a rockabilly compilation in 1973 and was regarded as a classic. By this time, Carl Perkins had forgotten ever writing the song and had to relearn the words. Oddly, though, in 1956 Pat Cupp released a song called Baby Come Back, which included the stanza:

Gonna rock away my misery, roll away my blues,
Even bought myself a pair of them Blue Suede Shoes.
Put My Cat Clothes On then I'll be Gone, Gone, Gone
Down to Heartbreak Hotel, now that's where I belong.

As he toured with Carl Perkins, it was speculated that Perkins may have performed the song live, but Cupp has no recollection of this and thinks that Perkins may have borrowed the phrase from his song. It was a popular phrase of the time and referred to young males dressing sharply for a night out and in
contrasting colours. It had an extra twist in that Perkins' girl friend then was called Kitty.

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