By hazelh

White-haired grandmother to be thrown to the lions

In Edinburgh today we have been preparing for (a) the arrival of Mummy hazelh tomorrow and (b) a train journey with her to the south of England on Saturday so that we can deliver her to stay a few days with my middle sister.

Meanwhile, in Northumberland my not-so-little sister took Mummy hazelh to Vindolanda for a special afternoon to commemorate the life of Robin Birley.

My not-so-little sister sent this photograph this evening, warning that my mother might not make it to Edinburgh tomorrow because 'She'll be fighting a lion with her trident and net in the morning'!

I know that the photograph isn't the best - I guess that my not-so-little sister took it at a distance through the car window on her tablet - but it is very funny to see four Roman centurions marching with intent towards a little white-haired old lady with a walking stick :-)

Exercise today: 1 hour on the exercise bike, walking (10,176 steps).

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