Carolina's journal

By Carolina

TT201: Mystery Item

I found this little item - Not in the junk drawer per se-  but close to it!  Every house has one unless you are possibly a bachelor, but then again you just might.   It has apparently more uses than what was originally intended.
     I look forward to seeing other mystery items.  We have Bible study tonight so not sure how many journals I will get to.   Also have to down load the Video of slides once again as the definition was terrible  and then they tell me I have to have other videos posted on You Tube already.  SIGH.....    Ok.  that is done and now am processing slide show once again!   YEAH!!    It takes hours to process and down load!   Oh, well.  I do hope it will work this time. 
     Thanks to everyone who gave me responses to my query and also just for stopping by!   Blessings !!!!!

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