Taking over

I could  have posted a boring photo of my new cooker but Dusty is far better looking. The big box in the background held the cooker for delivery...

The round basket, which I bought for keeping the coffee table tidy, is supposed to hold the various stuff that tends to accumulate on any bare flat surface. Unfortunately, Dusty has commandeered it for his own and books, magazines and specs are once more piled up on the table corner. 

I need to make a round cushion for him.

Meanwhile, the cooker installation caused a  degree of stress and required a shopping trip for some cable and the correctly sized spanner.  Errors were made and delay was caused but our excuse is that neither one of us has ever installed a gas hob previously. It is now up and running and has been used to prepare our dinner (nothing fancier than a fry-up as time was short.)

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