By FotoAlex

Superman: Krypton Coaster

Yesterday we went to SeaWorld; today we visited Six Flags Fiesta Texas. I last visited in 2012. There are a few new rides here for me, but only two of the new rides were operating. This is Superman, a floorless coaster built into the side of a 100-foot quarry wall. The whole park is in this old quarry. It's a nice setting.

The standout rides were Iron Rattler, a steel conversion of the former wooden Rattler; and Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster, a single-rail coaster. Both were built by the same company. There are only two single-rail coasters. This was my first. It's excellent.

After this park, we drove to the Dallas area to stay with a friend. Tomorrow we drive to Tennessee to stay with another friend.

In extras: Wonder Woman in the 90-degree drop, and Iron Rattler.

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