By hildasrose

Rose and Blu

Today was just meant to be a day of taking the car to be serviced.  It does necessitate a trip to Cheltenham so I took the camera with me anticipating visiting something scenic on route.  It didn't quite work out that way.  I had a few little things to take to big nephew in his new house so we had little diversion to start with.  That would have been ok as it was just an extended route to the motorway.  Unfortunately, the motorway had been closed and the A449 past Worcester was just totally jammed. That meant we were over an hour late for the service.  Then we had to go shopping while we waited for the car and acquired some more stuff for nephew...  So then we had to call in again on our way home.  Jack Russell Blu was very pleased to see me ...

An interesting day completed by Rob's brother arriving to tell us that his daughter has set the wedding date for June 2020  AND she has JUST found out that she is 6 months pregnant...  ASTONISHING!

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