By seizetheday

Melting snow

The little Fuji Cherry tree in the 'yard didn't look very happy under the layer of snow that had laid overnight, nor did any of the other plants for that matter! Heavy snow turned to sleet as we got ourselves going, and soon became rain - and it wasn't long before the snow on the pavements turned to mucky slush.

Not feeling 100% this morning, so didn't jump at MrM's suggestion to go up to the Common for some photos of "proper snow". Did very little all day apart from a yoga session, which was quite relaxing, thank goodness. 

MrM's gone to the Irish music session in Belford this evening, and I think I shall take the evening off too. Planning to put my feet up, watch something entertaining on catch-up, and do a bit more knitting - at this rate I may have a new jumper by next winter!

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