I had a few minutes to spare so I got out of the train at Rotherhithe for a quick wander. Heading to the riverside I found myself outside The Mayflower pub. It hangs over the water but because it was low tide I discovered some steps that led down to the muddy foreshore. 

Stepping carefully over the stones and slime covered debris I realised that I could see the Shard through the decking - see extra. Then some voices from above were shouting down at me. "Take our picture!" implored a couple. "Lets see a kiss" I replied. And there was my Blip.

Climbing back up the steps into the pub I met the couple and a friend (see second extra). It turns out they are getting married this summer and were delighted with the shots which they may use in their wedding collage. Somewhere in Ireland apparently.

Lovely people, I wished them well for the future. A charming little encounter and then on for dinner in Whitechapel with some colleagues from the Photo Society.  All in all a super evening following a happy day in Dulwich helping look after little Ophelia.

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