By strawhouse

His Masters Legs

This was about as active as we got for most of today!
Mrs L came round for tea and chat this morning and then Mr K and I sat around until it was time to go and get the Little Misses
Miss L went off to school giddy as a giddy thing to be going to her friend Miss E's for a sleepover tonight before going to Miss E's birthday party tomorrow. As usual she'd packed as if she was going away for a month's expedition up the Amazon!!
At 1.30pm I emailed Miss L's teacher to let her know that Miss L was going home with Miss E. She replied to say that the girls were very, very excited!!
Ten minutes later Mrs J rang to say that unfortunately she'd have to cancel the sleepover as a family thing had come up.
Poor Miss L.
And poor Miss E. We'd planned to take her to see Captain Marvel tonight as Miss L wouldn't be there.
I emailed the teacher again to tell her about the change of plans. 
Because I'm a coward and I wanted her to break the news to the girls rather than me being met by a Miss L devastated at the sight of me turning up to collect her!!
They actually both took it pretty well. We went to the cafe at Miss E's school for the usual brownies, crisps and smoothies and then came home to watch The Crimes of Grindelwald and eat takeaway pizza. They don't normally have it on a Friday but we wanted to give them a treat.
I spoke to Mrs J and we rearranged the sleepover for tomorrow night. I'll have to pick Miss L up early on Sunday for my Mum's birthday lunch but at least they won't miss out completely.

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