Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch

Wednesday was one of those gorgeous spring days that you remember from childhood. The wind blew hard, but the sun shone bright. The sky was blue. Everybody, everywhere, was OUT. We HAD to go out. It was just too nice to stay in!

I had an afternoon meeting downtown, but it turned out I had just enough time to stop for a few minutes to visit with the little horses, and then nab a quick lunch at the Corner Room.

I have been stalking the horse barns for some time, armed with photos and information from the Penn State Quarter Horses Facebook page. I'd been waiting to meet this one pair that I knew would be just absolutely photogenic together: a white mare with a dark filly. You may see them in the extras, the little one matching her steps to her mother's, one tiny foot at a time.

The funny thing is that within a MINUTE of my arriving at the horse barns (and I was only there for about three minutes total; yes, these visits are FAST), I heard a sound in the tree behind/above me, and I turned around to find a HAWK looking down at me. Wow, that was an awesome moment. What an unexpected treat. Then I headed downtown.

I had planned to have just the French onion soup at the Corner Room, but they had a little cup-of-soup-and-half-sandwich deal that I bit on. (Ha ha, did you see what I did there?) For a dollar more, you could upgrade to the French onion soup. And so I did. The sandwich in the photo is tuna.

My soundtrack song for this tasty image is a tune by Weird Al Yankovic, Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch. It is a parody of the Cyndi Lauper tune with a very similar name. :-)

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