By amandoAlentejo


The corridor I mentioned yesterday, with Mike at the street door, and me at the garden door, with still more corridor behind me, plus the kitchen and dining room; could have gone further back, but wanted to include the lemon blossom.

Again, did my 10,000 steps without going for a walk. 

Plonked a bag of bedding down on the floor when we arrived at the flat today, heard a clunk, and realized I'd broken the jar of honey I'd brought. It was all over a sheet, a cushion, coat hangers, and then I proceeded to drip it all along the corridor to the kitchen. Have you ever tried to remove cold honey from a rough tile floor, miles of it? Not to mention the bag and the broken glass. 

Off to Bible study in a bit... and Faro tomorrow - hurray!

- hot milk with honey and nutmeg when I couldn't sleep in the night
- Mike helping with the honey mess
- a washing machine - done loads of washes today, and all dry in the sun, bar the honey one on at the moment

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