Blessed Woman

One of the carers in the Home our son works in came in with Covid symptoms; the Home was already in lockdown, but he's now decided he'll stay locked in as well, mainly to protect us, at least for the next week. Maybe if he doesn't get symptoms, he'll come home then. So my exercise today was taking him a bag of necessities, which I had to leave outside the door. Got a thumbs up and a "love you", and left.

Lent verse made me homesick for my Catholic friends in Portugal; it's Luke 1v45, at the end of the song that Mary's cousin, Elizabeth, sang when Mary arrived at her house:
Blessed woman, who believed what God said,
    believed every word would come true!

I read today that faith is trusting God in the middle of the story. None of us knows how this story will end, but we can trust now, trust that good will come, trust that we'll be given the strength we need when we need it. Living one day at a time, as my wise friend, Roger, said to us on the day we arrived in the UK, a lifetime ago.

- a son willing to endure hardship for our sake, and for those he cares for
- having plenty to do (cleaned the house top to bottom today, exhausting!) and plenty to eat
- a happy husband, working outside with his hands all day, and making bread now (Paul's usual job)

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