The Life-Light

Lent verse for this Palm Sunday is John 1v5:
The Life-Light blazed out of the darkness;
    the darkness couldn’t put it out.
(Although it desperately tries, it never manages.)

Loved coming down to a quiet house, with the sunlight blazing in, everyone else still in bed. And then our traditional Sunday breakfast, grapefruit and croissants, and good coffee.

Palm Sunday makes me think of Portugal, where they really know how to celebrate Holy Week. Here is a gorgeous video of that country's beauty, with a very relevant message. Enjoy. And maybe one day, we can go there again... 

- our church livestreaming three interactive prayer times, and watching them together
- a relaxing Sabbath
- catch-up FT with the newly married daughter and husband in Manchester, and seeing them happy - a week and a day before they were going to get married!

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