A funny old week

Mr A and I share a catch phrase: "it's been a funny old week". And that's certainly the case here. Our little aquatic disaster won't be cheap, but it shouldn't be too expensive, and hopefully we can find a solution for making good the mess that won't be too disruptive. We ended up having an interesting chat about what counts as "lucky" and what counts as "unlucky" over our dinner.

I stayed at home today to speak to the insurers over a video connection - quite weird. A new approach, with no more visits for our type of case. We've still to hear what will be accepted and what will be refused. It also allowed me to sort out a lot of domestic stuff (including four, yes four) loads of washing in and amongst the work. After a hail storm, I popped out to take a walk and to drop the BT box we're returning to base at the post office. I've also tried to work at returning some semblance of normality to the flat, sweeping and vacuuming up the inevitable dust that has resulted from part of the floor coming up. Meanwhile, I cleared a pile of things off my to do list, and tomorrow I'm hoping to get back into the writing quite seriously.

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