Another sittery

Here's another Old College sittery - this time a window seat on the lower ground floor abutting Chambers Street. It could be the beginning of a series!

It's definitely been a better day. Neither of us slept well  - Mr A with his cold, and me because my thoughts alternated between Brex-shit and the fear that all of the floors in the flat would need to come up. But things looked up later on.

In fact, although the plumbers were later arriving than yesterday, they didn't have to track the pipe much further before they found the problem. It was, as two years ago, a nailed plastic water pipe. The result of incredibly shoddy workmanship when these flats were converted about 15 years ago. I'm pretty enraged by that, but happy that we have hot water back on. Now to deal with the insurers tomorrow... Most of the evidence has now been covered up, but Mr A has taken ample photographs.

I escaped the flat again, and headed for a spinning class. One big advantage of that was that I could use their showers - there being no hot water in the flat overnight (and only intermittent cold water as we tried to keep it switched off as much as possible). I spent the afternoon in the office, after attending an excellent staff seminar by a colleague about the Scottish Feminist Judgments Project. I've added a photograph I took (and am about to tweet) as an extra. I love the idea of a 'global conversation' about feminist judging.

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