Gin O'Clock

As we are now trying to do all of our shopping very early in the morning, that makes it hard to buy alcohol, given the Scottish restrictions. So in an effort also to support smaller firms, and on the premise that with gin we don't actually drink more because we have more in the house, we decided to order 4 bottles (the fourth one is our usual Bombay Sapphire so is not pictured). They arrived today. We're on the Caorunn at present, having picked up a bottle in the supermarket, so we thought another bottle would be nice, as well as a bottle of Lone Wolf, which we tried last summer when we were staying with norfolkdoc, who is quite fond of gin. The other one - Dingle - is Irish (obviously) and won lots of prizes in 2019. We're planning to drink these neat, with ice and lime, rather than drowning them in tonic which is our wont with ordinary gins.

After dinner, cooked for once by me (a sort of Thai curry, although substituting yoghurt for coconut milk), we settled down with some wine to watch a few programmes on iplayer. To be honest, these lockdown times are not treating us too roughly.

I added a close up of those ageing roses in the extras.

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