By Missycat

AbstractThursday197 Reflective

I'm not sure how exactly I arrived at this image: it began with oil and water in a dish placed over a Disney Princess gift bag belonging to Violet...and went on from there!  I've used Picasa and PS Elements to faff with the original, assisted by The Son.  In the finished image, I can see at least three faces.  Can you?
In other news: today began with my first post holiday Slimming World visit: let's just say that I clearly ate and drank well!.  Later I met a friend for (a careful) lunch and a good catch up session.  The hayfever, as the weather changes, is improving but I still feel extremely tired.  Maybe I need another holiday...
Many thanks to Ingeborg for her continued hosting:today there is no theme as it is the first entry of the month.

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