Day 13 C is for cat

Another day of sunshine and a slight raising of the temperature, with the promise of more warmth to follow in the next couple of days.  Mr MC did quite a bit of gardening, while I went outside but fairly briefly as I am allergic to early tree pollen and felt quite wheezy today.  I took some photos of the flowers currently blooming and these feature as my extra pic in a collage.
 My main shot I decided later had to be Peggy Sue.  Before our recent renovation, she sat wherever she pleased on the old furniture but I am keen to keep the new stuff as clean as possible for as long as possible, so I've given her a cat bed which previously belonged to Lilly  Lilly appeared to be a large cat but really she was like a marshmallow:  a big fluffy exterior but weighed as light as a feather, although she was extremely athletic.  Peggy Sue, however, is just a large (and heavy) animal.  She has, rather grudgingly agreed to sit in the bed ( which matches in colour the new furniture)  but as you see, she lies on it rather than in it, with tail and legs spilling over the side.  I hope she'll forgive me for tagging this for Silly Saturday

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