By Missycat

Day 14 Sunshine and Warmth

Today the skies were blue, the sun was shining and it was warm!  We spent most of the day in the garden ( I was well medicated!) where Mr MC mowed the lawn (with what must be the world's noisiest lawnmower) divided up and moved a hydrangea which turned out to be three plants and set up the water features which had been under wraps all winter.  I washed down the patio furniture and two loungers, did quite a lot of washing which could dry outside and then spent some time reading on one of the loungers.
My shot is of a large glass of Diet Pepsi(yes, really, I don't drink red wine) and reflected in it is my Kindle.  They were standing on a faded blue step/stool which I've rather clumsily removed in Photoshop Elements a and given the whole thing a poster effect.
We do feel blessed to have a garden to enjoy and the forest around us:  lockdown must be so very challenging for those cooped up in flats.  I can't condone flouting the new rules, but some folk must be feeling stir crazy.
In other news: Queen Elizabeth addressed the nation this evening, a splendid and uplifting speech.  Our Prime Minister has been taken to hospital as his symptoms have continued rather worryingly.

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